This month, the brand that we’re focusing on in Casio, one that we are proud to offer a range of different products from here at H.S Johnson. As a leading multinational electronics company situated in Tokyo, Japan, they naturally have a stemming history that’s interesting to learn about. They began their journey in the year 1946, when engineer Tadao Kashio wanted to find products he could build to help the Japan, who were impoverished following WWII. The first major product that came as a result of this was the yubiwa pipe. It was incredibly popular on the market and helped Kashio gain traction within the Japanese electronics market.

Shortly after the first unveiling of electronic calculators, Kashio and his two brothers decided to use the profits made from the yubiwa pipe to develop their own range of calculators, and in 1949 became investigating further into electronics. It’s worth noting at that time, most calculators were operated by hand or by using a motor. The brothers wanted something different and after years of hard work, announced the world’s first all-electric compact calculator in 1957. Around this time, Casio was established as a company, already with a fantastic reputation within the industry.

Since their establishment. Casio continued to innovate and produce products that the world has never seen before, and quickly dominated the global market. With everything from budget electronic instruments such as the home piano keyboards and variety of wonderful wristwatches, they’re credited as a notable and ground-breaking brand. Not only were they the first company to provide all-electric compact calculators, but they also produced the first consumer digital camera that included an LCD screen and the first compact model, just to name a few of their accomplishments.

Back when they began offering watches, they were known for their unique digital watches, the likes of which the world had never witnessed before. However, as innovation and technology has progressed through the years, they are now commonly known for their durable watches and brilliant designs, as well as functionality. Discover the range of Casio watches here at H.S. Johnson to find out why they’re so great.