This month, the brand that we’re focusing on is Bulova, an extremely popular and beloved watch and clock maker. With over a century of experience providing what they do, Bulova has built a quality reputation for style and high standards from the outset. The brand has a rich history and an impressive number of accolades to its name. Read on to discover more about Bulova than you’ve ever known before.

When were they created?

Bulova first came to market in 1875 and was created by Joseph Bulova. It began as a simple jewellery store in Lower Manhattan, located in the nucleus of New York’s booming jewellery industry. Quickly, J. Bulova became a distinguished name for quality and prestige.

Company expansions and early success

The year 1912 saw Joseph Bulova established his first plant dedicated solely to the production of jewelled wristwatches, which was built in Bienne, Switzerland. Through this, a certain standardisation of wristwatches that the world had never seen before was created. In 1919, Bulova debuted their first collection of complete men’s wristwatches, advertising through America with a now-iconic visual and the slogan ‘Be sure the watch you give is a timepiece!’

The first national radio commercial and world’s first television commercial

Bulova were the first brand in the US to signal an advertisement on the national radio; a groundbreaking moment within the history of America. Not only can they boast that impressive fact, but they can also say that they were the first brand in the world to ever air a commercial on Television.

Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh

American aviator Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh was the first person to make a solo flight across the Atlantic ocean, marking himself as the first person to be in New York one day and Paris the next. Bulova commemorated this by making him the face of the ‘Lone Eagle’ watch, a special edition produced to honour his historic achievements. Lindbergh also received the Bulova Watch Prize and a cheque for $1,000.

Committed to educating others

In 1945, following a victory in WWII, the Bulova School of Watchmaking opened, which was a combination of job placements and training. The institution also offered disabled veterans a tuition-free rehabilitation, helping them to reintegrate into society.

Wednesday the 4th of October

Wednesday, October 4 is proclaimed as ‘Bulova Day’. This was done by the mayor of New York, Rudolph Giuliani, in 2000 to mark their 125th anniversary. Since then, Bulova has continued to provide a number of brilliant designs and innovative products. Discover more about their amazing collection by viewing the range here at H.S Johnson.