History Of The Squale Watch

History of TheSquale Watch If you have a genuine love of interesting timepieces, you will know that there is a lot out there to admire. Military watches, chronograph watches, pilot watches and of course, there are dive watches… History of Squale Taking a step into the history of the dive watch would not be complete without taking a peek at Squale. However, unless you are an avid dive watch enthusiast, you may never have heard of Squale before because they are a largely unknown Swiss brand. Yet, they have crafted... Read More


The History of Certina

The History of Certina If you’re smitten with vintage-inspired diver watches, Certina is one to watch out for. In the world of timepieces, Certina watches rank high in precision, reliability, and cutting edge innovation. This watch company only uses the finest materials and technology. They craft beautiful, top-notch quality watches, at an affordable price. From Humble Beginnings The Certina brand started life in a small workshop, owned by the Kurth brothers based in Grenchen, Switzerland. In 1888, Adolf and Alfred Kurth started making watch components and traded under the name... Read More


The History Of Chlobo

The History of Chlobo From more classic, iconic styles to bold, colourful and modern pieces, jewellery designer and producer ChloBo has been making waves over the last 15 years. It's all down to the creativity and tenacity of the company's founder, Chloe Moss: here's how she took a small workshop in her spare bedroom to a brand that is loved by jewellery fans the world over. Balinese beginnings At the age of 21, Chloe Moss decided to spend ten months travelling the globe, hoping to be inspired by her surroundings... Read More


The History of Alsta

The History of Alsta Some brands are adept at creating items that are more than the sum of their components. Instead, their products tell a story. This is certainly true of Alsta watches. The company designs and crafts its timepieces with a distinct target audience in mind. Alsta refers to its contemporary customer as a wearer who ‘cares, dreams, romanticises, aspires and inspires’.‍Tracing the history of the company – including its birth, 40-year demise and rebirth – shows how Alsta has achieved this vision. It’s a story that even takes... Read More


A Guide to Tommy Hilfiger

A Guide to tommy hilfiger Tommy Hilfiger and his eponymous luxury fashion brand are synonymous with All American style that has a preppy, timeless appeal. The brand was born in 1985 and is globally lauded for sporty designer fashion, tailored clothing, street style apparel and high-quality accessories including bags, watches and sunglasses. Instantly recognisable with its signature red, white and blue flag logo which incorporates the iconic ‘H’, Tommy Hilfiger has a heritage that is aspirational yet affordable and always easy to wear. The man behind the brand Tommy Hilfiger... Read More


The History of Bulova

The History Of Bulova Since it was first founded in 1875, Bulova has strived to be a pioneer of its time, with innovation and progression at the brand’s forefront, in both the timepiece industry and beyond. Now owned by Citizen Watch Co, in this piece we take a look at some of Bulova’s most pivotal moments during the company’s impressive history.‍The company was founded by Joseph Bulova, who hailed from the Czech Republic, in 1875 (it later became known as the Bulova Watch Company) and in 1912, he launched his... Read More


The History of Rotary Watches

The History OfRotary Watches In 1895, Moise Dreyfuss opened a small factory in the Swiss town of La Chaux De Fonds, with the aim of producing high-quality watches. It was here that the Rotary brand was launched, quickly gaining a reputation for producing amazing, durable timepieces.‍The business grew quickly, and 12 years later, Georges and Sylvain Dreyfuss opened a further office in Britain. The company imported the family’s watches, which were very well received. The company’s famous ‘winged wheel’ logo was introduced in 1925 and has remained as the company’s... Read More


The History of Casio

The History OfCasio Watches Casio is one of the most well-known brands in the world, and for decades the Japanese company has been producing high-quality watches to meet market demand. They remain an enduring symbol of timekeeping to this day, but alongside their range of watches, Casio also offers a huge selection of electronic products as diverse as calculators and musical instruments.‍In this article, we delve into the history of one of the world’s most famous watch producers. Pre 20th-Century Watches Casio’s most famous products are its watches, but to... Read More


The Most Popular Brands Amongst Millenials

The Most Popular Brands Amongst Millennials Exclusivity, quality, and high-end craftsmanship used to be the key differentiators for luxury fashion labels. But are they good enough to impress millennials? According to the Financial Times, millennials are the worlds most powerful consumers. So let’s take a look at just which fashion and luxury brands are most popular and dive a little deeper into consumer habits. The Most Popular Luxury Brands in the UK Luxury Brands Fashion Brands Select a brand for more info 63% Positive Opinions From Millennials 60% Positive Opinions... Read More


Why is the Chinese New Year different?

You would be forgiven for scratching your head and wondering just why the people of China celebrated their New Year a week or so ago – some four weeks after we celebrated it here in the UK! However, there is one distinct difference between our New Year and the Chinese New Year. Unlike our Gregorian New Year, which is influenced by the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year is determined by the historic lunisolar calendar. The date of which determines the moon phase and the time of the solar year.... Read More